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Ruben Henriquez

The Shining Bear

A site for a local bakery built with Angular that leverages the Contentful headless CMS.

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Project Overview

The Shining Bear is a small bakery that sells a variety of baked goods. They want to get their business off the ground and needed a website showcasing their products and contact information. That's where I come in.

My client wanted the site to match with the name, so I suggested brown as a primary color and yellow as a secondary. In a way, brown representing the bear and yellow the honey! I also chose Angular for two main reasons: It would allow for scalability, especially knowing ahead that they'll need a CMS, and it would be a good opportunity to get out of my ReactJs comfort zone.

Since the client wanted to update, add, and remove products themselves, I decided to use Contentful for its ease of use and reliability. This was my first time working with this headless CMS, and it took less than an hour to set up.

Finally, after ensuring that the site works as expected, I deployed it to Netlify. This approach taught me a great deal about how Angular works and its differences to React. I gained valuable experience into several concepts related to the Angular workflow such as Observables, Services, and Modules. I also gained valuable experience working with a client and adjusting to their needs.

Tools Used

Tailwind CSS